An innovative use of Quividi in TV media research

While the Quividi solution is mainly used for audience measurement and retail metrics in out-of-home places, there are some customers making innovative uses of our solution that is worth knowing about. Even more so when such research project received the prestigious Grand Prix at The 2012 Media Research Group (MRG) Awards, a few weeks ago.

Congrats then to Cog Research and Thinkbox who designed and implemented the ‘Screen Life: the view from the sofa’ research project, whose point was to understand the engagement of members of households used to watching TV while interacting with their smartphone or tablet – a growing tendacy also called multi-screening.

The 20 voluntary households which took part to the research were hosting several cameras installed in their loundge:

  • several cameras were recording how people behaved in their living room and helped researchers visually identify what people were doing and provide typical footage for the final report;
  • one camera was feeding a local computer running Quividi’s VidiReports, which detected when people in the room were looking towards the TV set and computed precise attention time (as a reminder the Quividi solution never records any video – see the privacy statement).

The study demonstrated that people in the sample were more likely to stay in the room or not change the channel during the ad break if they were multi-screening. As Neil Mortensen, Thinkbox’s Research and Planning Director, puts it: “Multi-screening is a huge benefit and opportunity for TV advertisers (…). It encourages people to watch more TV and more ad breaks and does not adversely affect ad recognition, and viewers now have the ability to act on what they see immediately”.


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