Full-stack Dev+Op JOB POSITION


The Job

We are looking for candidates interested in joining the Web / Data group, a lean, independent team with lots of control in project organization and choice of solutions. In addition to developing and maintaining the back-office solution for our customers, we handle the data influx from an ever-growing number of measuring units worldwide. This rapid growth over the last few years requires constant attention to the infrastructure and the software.

A few upcoming challenges include:

  • Improving the data ingestion API to handle data streams coming from tens of thousands of locations worldwide
  • Designing a storage solution capable of handling billions of events
  • Improving the existing back-office data analytics solution to better extract metrics from our growing dataset

Our technical stack includes:

  • A lot of Python and some Django for the back-end
  • Classic JS for the front-end, c3js to plot data charts
  • Our servers are remote physical units running Ubuntu
  • MariaDB (MySQL fork) with TokuDB engine
  • Elasticsearch for the analytics cluster
  • Ansible, Rollbar, Datadog for the deployment and the monitoring of our servers

Everyday tools:

  • Pivotal Tracker / Slack for the internal organization
  • Git on Github
  • Jenkins and a bit of Docker

Your Profile

We are looking for an independent, self-driven person to join in the existing and future projects.

Your assets:

  • Solid system administration skills
  • Extensive Python experience
  • Knowledge of Django / other web framework a plus
  • Experience with Elasticsearch a plus
  • Knowledge of JS or willingness to learn
  • Strong proficiency in French and English
  • Will to progress to a management position over time

The Benefits

  • Competitive salary (40 – 65k€ per year depending on experience)
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How to Apply

If interested, send your resume / Github profile / Bitbucket profile / MySpace account at jobs-web@quividi.com