Q2 2017 – Releases Highlights


  • Update of the HTML demos
  • Automatic HTTP proxy configuration
  • Add csv_period parameter (minutes) to reopen CSV file periodically



  • More UI enhancements (eg sharing of layers across various states)
  • Performance improvements (eg fade in and fade out)
  • Head gesture recognition (preliminary)
  • Support for VidiReports 6.4.0 pose model



Manager module

  • Licenses can now be generated with support for quasi-real-time API (ie information on the watcher once he has left the field of view of the camera – also known as Final events)
  • Health timelineeach location page has a chart that displays the monitoring messages from VidiReports over the last 30 days (at the bottom of the page).

Dashboards module

  • Print output: you can now print a dashboard page, which will create a new HTML layout ensuring that charts are not split across 2 pages. Note that this works best on the Google Chrome browser.
    This can be used to save the print as a PDF file.
  • Audience per content dashboards now compute the average number of content seen by a watcher
  • The main data tables have been transitioned to Elasticsearch 5, now ensuring faster data look-up and charts rendering


  • The description field is now provided in the Locations API
  • SOAP API is now much faster
  • A rate limit has been implemented on the Export API to prevent overuse