DOOH, Where Are You? – Quividi’s Take On Cannes Lions, Creativity and Context Hacking

For the second year in a row, Quividi was in Cannes for the Lions. This edition was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate all the creative capabilities of our platforms VidiReports and VidiStudio. And also to get inspired by the best and most innovative campaigns of the year.

Playground by Clear Channel – the place to be for D/OOH in Cannes

Big thanks to Clear Channel for having us on their experiential playground, aka the best place in Cannes to talk D/OOH and see live demos. With two activations showcasing the ability to mass personalize a DOOH campaign using Quividi.

–    The Kirk&Kirk demo (more here, designed by Bastard.London with Voodooh and Quividi, was using for the first time our new color detection plugin.

–    The SnapDooh demo, designed by Quividi, was an amplification exercise. It was using face analysis and smile detection to send a portrait picture together with a funny comment on Clear Channel’s Grand Screen. Everyone had the chance to get its minute of fame on the Croisette.

Context Hacking is the new black

“Technology brings opportunities, creativity brings value” usually says Sir John Hegarty, BBH.

All around Cannes, on the yachts, beaches, and in all the meeting spaces over town, you have the definitive sense that, year over year, technology is more and more at the center of Advertising and Marketing.

Data vendors of all sorts, AR providers, were still heavily present – whereas AI, the new kid on the block infused Cannes with discussions & debates (see here), demos (cf IBM Watson) and even campaigns – such as Aimen, by BETC for Canal +’s Young Pope:

With regards to campaigns, we noted two significant trends:

1/ Brands go for Higher Values: The most acclaimed campaigns were indeed supporting a better world & society, and taking actions.

. 180LA pour Boost Mobile (Boost your Voice)

. AP THAILAND (The unusual football field)

. Grey pour Tigo Une (Payphone Bank)

2/ Context Hacking is the new black (see what our CSO Daniel Parisien had to say about Context Hacking while in Cannes). Getting the audience’s attention is such a challenge that brands have to come up with new, better ways to interrupt or interfere with people’s life. Have a look at these three great campaigns:

. Droga 5 for MailChimp

. David for Burger King (hacking Google Home !)

. Ogilvy for Cadburry  (Pre-joy)

The campaign that combines these two trends best is Fearless Girl (Grand Prix) by McCann New York for investment company State Street Global Advisors. They wanted to raise awareness of gender inequalities and commissioned a statue of a proud young girl that was strategically installed right in front of the Charging Bull of Wall Street.

The resonance of this campaign, with a torrent of social & traditional media support and amplification, convinced the mayor to let the statue in place until Feb 2018.

DOOH – Where were you?

DOOH was well represented on Clear Channel’s Playground, but then where were the DOOH campaigns in the creative contest? Sadly, there was little to be seen.

Let’s just mention ALMAPBBDO campaign for Mars Pet (DOG Channel), a nice example of context hacking (again) with a phygital activation.

Yet DOOH can do so much

The relative absence of DOOH in Cannes is another sign that our medium doesn’t inspire enough the creatives minds of the world.

A paradoxical situation as there aren’t few better media to promote “higher values” campaigns and support context hacking strategies (just to mention today’s trends).

With DOOH, the range of possibilities is almost endless. For those who still doubt it, watch David Hillier, Creative Product Lead with programmatic platform Adform, during our International Programmatic Partners conference in Amsterdam this year. He really says it all (as well as his professed love for Quividi’s Audience Analytics :- )