Shuttle Announces Quividi Partnership to Bring Industry Standard Audience Analytics to its Digital Signage Players

Shuttle announces its partnership with Quividi, the industry standard for Audience Analytics in digital signage, to offer Quividi-compatible digital signage players.

Created in 2006, Quividi provides a privacy protecting computer-vision technology that helps screen networks, retailers, and brands finely measure and classify their audience. The system determines, in real time, the number of viewers, broken down by demographics (age, gender), facial attributes (glasses, beard) and mood, as well as the opportunities to see, and the viewers’ attention time. Retailers and brands can also design customer-engaging experiences, by contextually triggering content against Quividi’s real-time analytics (i.e. dynamically display a content on a screen if a customer is female, wearing glasses and/or smiling…).

Shuttle’s DH110 media player has been officially tested by Quividi, ensuring its full capability of running Quividi’s VidiReports software in a single screen/ single camera mode, as well as in a dual screen/ dual camera mode.

Built-around Intel® H110 chipset, Shuttle’s DH110 is a versatile, high-performance XPC slim which supports Intel® Skylake LGA1151 65W processors. With Intel® built-in HD graphics engine, the DH110 can support 4K UHD content playback on up to two screens via HDMI and DisplayPort. Featured with Shuttle’s exclusive heat-pipe cooling module with smart fan, the DH110 can run reliably cool and stable for a long time operation.

“Quividi provides digital signage networks with unique audience analytics, helping them optimize their communication and customer engagement,” said Andy Cheng, Sales Vice President, Shuttle, “The combination of Quividi’s affordable and easy-to-deploy audience measurement software with Shuttle strong processing performance XPC makes for a highly valuable offering to digital signage applications.”

“The partnership with Shuttle, a global leader with an extensive network of subsidiaries, resellers, partners, and suppliers, perfectly aligns with Quividi’s vision to bring computer-vision technology to every screen,” said Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, CEO Quividi. “We are looking forward to designing with Shuttle new vertical applications”.

The 43mm form-factor of the DH110 is one of the powerful and scalable media player models of Shuttle XPC slim family. With VESA Mount capability and built-in USB 2.0, USB 3.0, RS232/422/485, and PS/2 interfaces, this allows broader connectivity options and more diverse applications to digital signage and kiosk.

The future of Shuttle and Quividi lies beyond the co-operation on the DH110 player. The two companies will build tighter links to continue in their endeavor to add value to digital signage customers.

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