Q3 2017 – Releases Highlights


  • Detection of the top 3 colors of the outfit worn by detected people.
    The torso is the only zone analyzed.
  • The websocket protocol is now activated for 2 hours in the latest versions, irrespective of the license entitlement, in order to allow for demonstrations.
    The live information is only provided for the closest 2 members of the audience.
  • A new mechanism prevents that generated BoxIDs be redundant when a copy of the configuration file is used
  • The Audience per content API now supports the HTTP protocol


  • VidiStudio now offers triggering based on the color of the outfit


Manager module

  • Map of uses on the license page now let you see where your licenses are being used
  • New network map now displays Nb of watchers over a map.

Dashboards module

  • Global comparison mode: you can now compare any tab with another tab, side by side. For instance, you can compare a same set of locations with results from an earlier period, or you can compare two different sets of locations.
  • Selection of locations by site: when you select a site in a page, all locations within (present or future) will be taken into account. That’s a great way to ensure that your charts are always encompassing your latest deployments.
  • Charts per site: you can now compare the performance of your sites together
  • Quarterly hour filters: you can now set the filters by increments of 15 minutes (eg. from 9.45 till 16.30).
  • Horizontal / vertical mode for charts. Most charts can now pivot from columns to bars, which is handy for displaying locations with long names
  • Improvements in the Audience per Content charts:
    • OTS per content : we now estimate the number of by-passers when the ad was running
    • We calculate the number of plays per day for the period
    • Charts analyzing the audience second by second are now loaded much faster