Q4 2016 – Releases Highlights


  • All data uploads now use HTTP instead of SOAP
  • Allow simultaneous clip info connections
  • Slightly improved performance on high resolutions
  • Benchmark: change 1600×1200 to 1280×720, add 3Mpx and 5Mpx resolutions, display resolution.
  • Content notification API



  • Support for the touch screen action
  • Better interaction options for widgets
  • New conditions not based on audience (timeout, video end)
  • Debug mode
  • Copy/paste
  • Support for Audience per Content
  • New user manual



Manager module

  • We improved the navigation in list views.
  • We replaced the legacy Locations / Sites Groups with Location and Site Tags. You can add arbitrary tags to your locations and sites, and see them here and here.
  • We overhauled the way we handle your password, for security purposes. When you forget your password, you can now request a reset password link on the login page, using your username or your e-mail address.
  • Licenses and License Credits are fully handled by VidiCenter, no need to use VidiSupport anymore

Dashboards module

  • Audience per content dashboards are now available. You need to use VidiStudio or one of the CMS natively integrated with VidiReports to use these charts.
  • We added a Relative / Absolute toggle to several charts.
  • In charts where groups are present, the total is now shown in tooltips. For example, in the “Demographics split across average day” chart, you can easily see how many watchers in total were present for a given hour.
  • Charts showing a distribution of attention / dwell time now use a dynamic range, to better present your data.
  • You can now use tags to select your locations in dashboard pages.
  • You can now easily change the order of dashboard pages by dragging and dropping the tabs.
  • You can now export Gate data via the CSV export.
  • A new expert chart is available: the `Population split by gender & age` chart shows a finely tuned overview of your watchers’ demographics.


  • Tag data is now available on the API. See the documentation for more information.
  • Gate data is now available on the API.