VidiReports version 5.6.0: an HTML-friendly audience measurement solution

VidiReports 5.6.0, the latest release of VidiReports, Quividi’s flagship audience measurement software, now includes the ability to provide real-time audience data via the WebSocket protocol. From now on, HTML5 content management applications will be able to interface directly to VidiReports and make use of real-time information on the current audience and its demographic breakdown. This enhancement streamlines the integration of Quividi’s audience measurement software into browser-based players to create HTML5-powered, audience-aware CMS’s via just a few lines of Javascript.

The HTML5 standard was specially designed to deliver rich content without the need for additional plugins. HTML5 delivers everything from animation to graphics, music to movies and can also be used to build complicated web applications. The WebSocket specification —developed as part of the HTML5 initiative— defines a full-duplex single socket connection facilitating live content by enabling dynamic and persistent data communication channel between browser-based applications.

The SDK directory that gets installed along with VidiReports has been updated with a HTML5 folder containing some HTML code and JPEG content to demonstrate the new capabilities:

The audience data displayed in the HTML5 control page

The HTML5 still image content
triggered by the dominant gender

HTML5 being cross-platform, note that the audience data could be used directly on a PC, a tablet, a smartphone, or a smart TV, while VidiReports runs on a separate PC.

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