Dialogica and Quividi team up to bring innovative efficiency metrics to brands and indoor media companies

Dialogica SRL, a retail and media innovative consulting company, and Quividi SAS, the leading real-time audience measurement platform, announce today that they are further combining their strengths in order to create a new range of insightful audience and efficiency metrics, for the Retail and Digital Signage markets.

Quividi (www.quividi.com), based in Paris (France), offers a video analytics solution which uses tiny video sensors such as standard webcams and proprietary algorithms to count the visitors of public places, detect those who take a look to some specific points of interest, track their dwell time and attention time, and qualify them by gender and age. No image and no uniquely identifiable data are ever recorded; the anonymous data is uploaded into the cloud and made available through dashboards, SDK and API. Quividi has over 200 customers in 45 countries.

Dialogica (www.dialogica.it/en), based in Milan (Italy), offers consulting services which combines in-store traffic, audience, advertising planning and sales data, in order to unearth trends, understand what sales best and ultimately optimise marketing efficiency in store. Dialogica was founded in 1996 by Pr. Matteo Testori, a former marketing executive at several global CPG companies and reputed professor of marketing at the Università Cattolica, in Milan.

Dialogica and Quividi have been working together closely since 2008, delivering visual efficiency insights to leading companies such as Grandi Stazioni, Coca-Cola, Perfetti, Mondadori, Tag Heuer, Skoda, Autogrill, Bennet, Zuegg, Armani… Building on this expertise and on a new cloud service, Dialogica and Quividi now ambition to streamline the production of these metrics and turn them into a new set of KPIs that will make communication in store and in public places more measurable, comparable and efficient.

In February 2014, Dialogica introduced Dianalytics™, a web-based platform which sits on top of Quividi’s data warehouse. Dianalytics introduces a series of new ratios such as the attraction, the attention and the relevance indexes that allow meaningful benchmark of stores or locations. Furthermore, Dianalytics uses a statistical modelling which estimates the frequency of contacts of visitors with a point of interest, thus making it possible to compute net impressions, GRP and Digital Rating points. These new KPIs apply to in-store marketing, as well as digital signage and traditional media.

“After six years of successful partnership with Quividi and a rich experience with national and multinational corporations in Digital out of home, consumer goods, retail markets, we have developed a real innovation, providing our clients with a complete set of ratios, analytics and insights. For the first time on the market, it is possible to have in real time continuous insights on shopper behavior and the effectiveness of advertising and creativity. The data from Quividi and the insight of Dianalytics™ open a new era in marketing, media planning and advertising” declares Matteo Testori, Dialogica’s CEO.

“Brands have always struggled to measure the efficiency of their marketing in the last three feet to purchase. Our solution combined with Dianalytics brings a unique, reliable and affordable solution to address these needs, which we’ll strive to make mainstream” says Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s CEO. “It will certainly benefit the Digital Signage industry to have the possibility to rely on metrics comparable to those used by the TV industry when discussing with advertisers”, he adds.

Through this partnership, the joint Quividi/Dianalytics™ solution can be supplied either from Quividi or Dialogica.

About Dialogica

dialogicaSince 1996 Dialogica develops models and metrics to gain insights in Marketing and Advertising. Currently, is the only company that owns the technology, know-how, models, metrics for measuring the effectiveness in real time of the DOOH, in store display, events. More info on www.dialogica.it/en

About Quividi

Quividi_XSmallQuividi provides a real-time video analytics solution that helps media owners, retailers and brands finely count and qualify their audiences. Using the latest face and body detection technique and running on standard hardware, the Quividi solution delivers exhaustive metrics on viewers, opportunities to see, attention time and demographics, in a completely anonymous fashion and without ever recording any image or personal data.
Based in Paris, France, Quividi pioneered the anonymous face detection category in 2006 and is the world leader in Digital Out Of Home audience measurement, with customers across 45 countries and more than 2.5 billion faces analyzed. More info on www.quividi.com.

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