Barcelona – September 12th, 2018 – Waapiti, a retail digital signage specialist, part of TMM Group, and Quividi, the leading audience & interactivity platform for digital signage, announce a technical partnership to measure in-store activations and enhance the shopping experience. 

Waapiti’s Digital Signage CMS has been integrated with Quividi’s VidiReports and can now power face & context responsive messages. Waapiti’s retail partners will also be able to measure the performances of their communication and optimize it to best attract, inform and connect with the shoppers. 

Quividi provides a privacy protecting computer-vision technology that helps retailers and brands finely measure and classify their audience. The system determines, in real time, the number of viewers, broken down by demographics (age, gender), facial attributes (glasses, beard) and mood, as well as the opportunities to see, and the viewers’ attention time. 

Marketers can also design customer-engaging experiences, by contextually triggering content against Quividi’s real-time analytics. They can run Quividi-powered A/B tests to understand which promotional content gets the most attention, generates the most engagement (e.g. drive to store) or the most sales uplift. 

Waapiti Digital Signage’s software powers any kind of digital signage faces – projector or screen-based, small or large format, passive or touch-enabled – and besides Quividi’s platform can communicate with a variety of sensors (RFID, barcode, NFC,…) as well as sound and scent marketing solutions. 

“By adding Quividi to our already large range of digital tools, Waapiti can now provide metrics and insights to prove the efficiency of key content elements and define new marketing goals and strategies”, says Gemma Cuscó, Waapiti CEO. 

“The partnership with Waapiti and the TMM Group will help retailers and marketers create the best experiences to finely connect with the shoppers”, says Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, Quividi CEO. “Quividi’s platform is a powerful engagement tool for retailers: our most recent case study shows that a communication powered by Quividi can generate a sales uplift of more than 20%, versus a regular communication.”

Waapiti recently showcased the combined solution at eShow, the leading e-commerce & digital marketing show in Spain.

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