Why the Quividi solution for Digital Signage Operators?

Real time metrics to measure and reinforce the impact of your network

The Quividi solution is a simple software add-on to your digital signage network, designed to deliver a rich set of audience metrics. By just placing a standard video sensor on top of your screens, you’ll get to know :

  • your potential audience (Opportunities To See),
  • the real number of on-lookers,
  • their gender and age group,
  • how long they stay around and look to your screens.

Using state of the arts video analytics algorithms, the process records no image, no video and only delivers anonymous statistics.

Results are delivered in a private online dashboard and reveal global trends and interesting comparisons between demographics, sites, screens, business periods and more. The solution can also deliver campaign reports by just crossing results with your proof of performance reports.

At last, you will take advantage of Quividi’s exceptional speed and accuracy to get your loops to react in real time to the composition and behavior of your audience.


  • Designed to run on your existing player with standard webcams, under Windows or Linux.
  • Infrastructure and licensing plans are adapted to small sample approaches as well as large deployments.
  • Consistent with the DP-AA (formerly OVAB) audience measurement guidelines.
  • With over 200 digital signage networks already measured, the Quividi solution has been nammed market leader by the authoritative DailyDOOH publication.

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“The quality and depth of the reporting enables us to continually maximise the effectiveness of our content.”

Sarah Merrigan, Client Services Mgr - Realisation

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