Dailydooh considers Quividi leader of the audience measurement market

Paris – Aug 24th 2012. In a post called “Sorry @IntelAIMSuite, @Quividi Are The Market Leaders”, the most influencial digital signage online magazine asserts that in spite of a lesser share of voice than its behemoth competitor, Quividi is the most widely used solution in measuring the audience of digital signage networks.

Editor-in-Chief Adrian Cotterill, makes the point that out of the 44 CEOs from the leading Digital Signage industry he has interviewed, half a dozen are using the Quividi solution to measure their audience.

“Quividi has indeed measured over 180 digital signage networks across 36 countries since its inception” says Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s CEO. “We’ve been able to experience many different situations and requirements which have helped us improve our solution for the benefit of our customers. We are confident that more and more major networks will be deploying our solution in the next 12 months”, he adds.

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