How Quividi’s Content Intelligence Enables Brands to Power Successful Drive-to-Store Campaigns

Quividi’s Audience & Campaign Intelligence platform is all about driving audience engagement with AI-powered contextual content. When brands engage consumers during their customer journey – when they walk the alleys of a mall or of a train station for instance – they want to make sure that their communication is on an “always-relevant mode” to optimize their chances to drag the audience to their stores.

AUA: CPM in Disguise

DPAA’s (formerly OVAB) guidelines remain as actual today as when they were released two years ago. In particular, the concept of AUA (Average Unit of Audience) remains the most comprehensive attempt to put forth a “new” currency for digital signage screens.

Yet, adoption of the AUA as an indicator of performance has been slow and tentative, certainly also because of a certain inertia towards yet another metric/acronym/methodology in the media world. However, it turns out that the AUA is in most cases just a simple dress-up of a much more familiar and established metric, the CPM.

Quividi would like to share with you a short paper where we show that AUA and CPM are linked by a simple relation of inverse proportionality. You can find the document here and you can freely distribute it with mention of Quividi’s copyright.