Introducing VidiGates, Quividi’s Overhead Traffic Counter

Quividi is proud to announce a new addition to its range of audience measurement products and services. VidiGates is an overhead traffic counter designed to measure footfall via a ceiling-mounted video sensor. In keeping with Quividi’s tradition, VidiGates is a lightweight software solution that can run on very inexpensive hardware (including single-core ATOM platforms) and that uses off-the-shelf video sensors such as standard webcams and IP cameras.

VidiGates allows the user to define up to eight virtual “gates” in the camera’s field of view. Gates are easily drawn using a simple, web-based graphical interface. The footfall figures from the user-defined directional gates are available locally in real time; more importantly, the data are also securely uploaded to VidiCenter, Quividi’s data analysis back office, where they integrate seamlessly with the same data management and display facilities used for VidiReports data. Customers can now deploy a number of VidiReports and VidiGates instances and browse their audience and traffic data in the same convenient framework, getting a qualitative and quantitative perspective on their visitors.

Thanks to the same design architecture that made VidiReports the leading solution in Automated Audience Measurement, VidiGates is an extraordinaryly flexible and innovative vertical counting solution. Major highlights include:

  • the ability to analyse the directions which visitors take at key crossroads
  • the use of inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware, for maximum deployment flexibility
  • remote configuration and administration via a simple web browser
  • secure data upload, storage and analysis in a personal VidiCenter account
  • availability of real-time data for triggering and alerts

Since 2006 Quividi has been setting the industry standard in precision and affordability for Automated Audience Measurement; now, with VidiGates, Quividi is expanding even more the possibilities for Retail Marketing Intelligence.

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