Scientifically Measuring Brand Performance at the Point of Sale: a New European Leadership

Quividi and Dialogica recently signed a co-operation agreement that, for the first time, will allow brands to measure scientifically and in a focused way the effectiveness of their marketing strategies at the point of sale. Quividi, a French company, is the world leader in automated out-of-home audience measurement; Dialogica is the Italian leading consulting company for the optimization of brand performance at retail.

Thanks to Quividi’s VidiReports software it is possible to accurately measure:

  • Pedestrian traffic flows
  • Customers’ dwell times
  • Customers’ attention time with respect to a point of interest such as a video display or a shelf
  • Customers’ gender and age bracket
  • Customers’ paths within the point of sale.

The data thus produced are injected by Dialogica into a proprietary modeling system called Myshop in order to determine objectively:

  • The effectiveness of a store’s location
  • The store’s communication potential, i.e., how strong is the store’s attractiveness with respect to a potential customer
  • The number of customers entering the store
  • Store traffic, i.e., where in the store the customers are likely to go
  • The products that most attract customer attention
  • The products that trigger a sale
  • The effectiveness of the sales staff

The entire data set for a store is processed by the model developed by Dialogica and Quividi in order to yield a “potentiality” index. Moving away from the home-made and approximate methods of the past, retailers can now obtain precise answers to questions such as:

  • Is my store in the right location?
  • Is my store attractive to passers-by?
  • Is my in-store communication effective in stimulating and attracting customers?
  • What percentage of passers-by enters the store?
  • Are people who enter the store within my target?
  • How many people look at the items on display?
  • How many people make a purchase?
  • Is my sales team a good fit for the store?

In the domain of marketing analysis, this is the first time that such disparate factors as location, marketing exposure, products and sales team are integrated into a unified model that allows for coherent comparisons of data and that provides objective decision-making criteria for the development of a retail chain.

Myshop is the end result of four years of study and field tests and places Italy and France at the forefront of innovation in the field of decision-making systems for brands and retailers.

All data collection methods are fully compliant with national and international privacy protection laws. The audience measurement devices do not record images or sounds and do not collect personal data.

Dialogica and Quividi’s partners network spans more than 60 countries. In Italy, the technical side of operation is managed by Digilab2000, a company also active in the fields of telemetry, information technology and digital signage. The solutions offered by Dialogica and Quividi have been selected by companies such as Coca-Cola, Perfetti Van Melle, Autogrill, LVMH, Autogerma/Skoda, Marionnaud.

About Quividi
Quividi is a privately held company created in July 2006 in Paris, France. Quividi’s vision is to develop affordable and effective audience measurement solution for out-of-home media. Relying on fast, proprietary image processing technologies, Quividi’s software accurately measures and qualifies the audience of any communication support in public places, while real-time analysis allows the medium to adapt its content to the instantaneous audience profile and position. Quividi actively collaborates with all the players involved in retail marketing, from brands to screen network operators, from integrators to media agencies and research companies, with the goal to make Digital Out Of Home as accountable and targetable as the Internet. For more information, contact Quividi at info [at] quividi [dot] com.

About Dialogica
Dialogica was founded in 1996 with the aim of developing interpretative models of the relationship between a company and its clients. Dialogica is the italian leading consultancy firm on in-store scientific measurement of marketing action effectiveness, and, in general, on development of customer/company alignment programs. For more information, contact Dialogica at matteo [dot] testori [at] dialogica [dot] it.

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