Over 300 000 TV viewers for Equidia across all PMU points of sales in France

Médiamétrie and Equidia announce they have started delivering out-of-home TV audience reports for the Equidia TV channel across all PMU venues. Equidia is the only French TV channel dedicated to horse racing and it is a subsidiary of PMU, the leading horse betting organisation in Europe. On average, some 310,000 people watch Equidia every day between 1:30PM and 8:00PM in betting venues (bars or dedicated clubs). This audience is being measured via a representative panel of the over 10,000 French venues where Equidia TV is broadcasted.

The “Screen Contact” measurement methodology, designed by Médiamétrie and QUIVIDI, makes it possible to assess the number of contacts for the Equidia TV channels in public venues using Quividi’s automated audience measurement solution. The research plan is completed by a study of horse betters within the venue and by a correlation of the data with the betting stubs which allow for a reliable extrapolation of the panel to the whole network.

Eric Brion, Equidia’s Managing Director, is very positive: « With over 300,000 TV viewers each day in PMU points of sale, our channel proves particularly attractive in these venues; the data shows us the amount of televised material that can be presented and watched there. This audience in public venues comes on top of Equidia’s audience on cable, satelite and ADSL. We can now estimate the real reach of the channel and its global daily contacts».

Laurent Battais, Médiamétrie’s Performance and Cross-média Department director, agrees: « We think it’s crucial that the complete audience of a TV channel such as Equidia be assessed outside of the home. With its expertise, Médiamétrie was able to design an innovative and real-time audience measurement method”. »

Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s CEO, adds: « We’re pleased of our instrumental role in this key project, which testifies that out-of-home audience measurement is now relevant on a very large scale ».

Screen Contact also delivers in real time every 15 minutes the number of contacts with the Equidia channel. The number of contacts during a day is influenced by the schedule of the races: during the week, as well as during the week-end, the lagest number of contacts occurs during the 2 to 6PM time slot. On Tuesdays and Fridays, when races are held nightly from 8 to 10PM, the peak occurs between 8 and 11PM. On Thursdays, the tiled races which take place up to 9PM induce contacts that gradually decrease in time, much unlike the other days.

The measurements also estimate the gender of the viewers. As it turns out, the viewership is overwhelmingly male, with only 20% of women in the audience.

About Médiamétrie
Médiamétrie is the French inter-professional company specialised in audiovisual and electronic media audience measurement and research. Its vocation is to deliver an audience and performance measurement of the audiovisual and electronic medias with a level of quality that makes it the unique, agreed-upon professional reference for all agents on the marketplace. Founded in 1985, Médiamétrie operates in France and worldwide on Television, Radio, Movie, Internet and New Medias. In 2009, Médiamétrie had a 59M euros (est) turn over.
(Web: www.mediametrie.fr)

About Equidia
Equidia is the TV channel dedicated to all aspects of horse: live horse race broadcasting, magazines, horse sports, documentaries, movies… Equidia is available on CanalSat, Numericable, ADSL and 3G mobile phones.
(Web : www.equidia.com)

About Quividi
Quividi is a privately held company created in July 2006 in Paris, France. Quividi’s vision is to develop affordable and effective audience measurement solution for out-of-home media. Relying on fast, proprietary image processing technologies, Quividi’s software accurately measures and qualifies the audience of any communication support in public places in real-time. Quividi actively collaborates with all the players involved in retail marketing, from brands to screen network operators, from integrators to media agencies and research companies, with the goal to make Digital Out Of Home as accountable and targetable as the Internet.
(Web : www.quividi.com)

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