Q1 2017 – Releases Highlights


  • We added face pose estimator, to tell in which global direction the face is being oriented with regards to the camera (note that this is not an indication of where the eyes are being directed)
  • We added support for plugins (VidiStudio external event sources)
  • We now  support full resolution background computation
  • Socket server is now enabled on BrightSign players
  • We added settings to specify bind interface for socket/websocket servers. Defaults to



  • VidiStudio applications can now react to events fired through VidiReports by third-party applications (External events)



Manager module

  • We created a new home page for all users, which provides a snapshort of the important information:
    • A to-do list of actions to undertake to optimize the operations of your network(s)
    • A break up of the versions of VidiReports you’re using across your network(s)
    • A count of your active licenses, active sites and active boxes
    • A map of the alerts that have triggered over the last 30 days
  • On your profile page, you can now see how many viewers you received from the Local VidiReports API. This only works with recent versions of VidiReports.
  • Box uploads pages should load much faster now.
  • We updated our terms of service, which now point to the latest online version of our EULA and API Terms of use. Be sure to accept them before April 1st!
  • We finally unplugged the old VidiCenter and VidiSupport interfaces.

Dashboards module

  • Uploaded Clip Metadata are now used in Audience per content dashboards.
  • We added a few charts grouping results by location, which were missing from the old VidiCenter.
  • A new window of time is now available for dashboards: Last 365 days.


  • Fields have been added in the Monitoring messages and Box Location APIs.
  • On February 15 we disabled the old API.