Q2 2016 – Releases Highlights


  • Upgrade capture plugins for Linux.
  • Fix license renewal (volume expert case)
  • Better support for Expert volume licenses (bulk)
  • Fallback to Pro mode when Expert mode is unable to start
  • Add “webcam_properties” configuration item for Linux
  • Fix age threshold between young and adult
  • Blur faces in Web interface preview
  • Automatically disable backlight compensation for SMI cameras
  • Upgrade capture plugins for Windows. This fixes problems with some RTSP cameras.
  • Partial support for the IDS cameras. Support for configuration through the Web interface is basically impossible because of a bug of the driver.


  • More VidiReports integration conditions (eg on birth year, on number of smiles)
  • More VidiReports integration statistics (eg distribution of attention time, OTS)
  • User manual enhancements


Manager module

  • You can now access specific downloads from VidiCenter
  • The Software section from VidiSupport has been added in VidiCenter here

Dashboards module

  • The CSV Exports are now available here
  • You can now take a tour of the dashboards page, to learn how to use our system
  • A filter by day of week was added
  • Filters by hour of day and day of week now work for gates charts
  • A filter by gate has been added for gates dashboards
  • CSV Exports now contain expert data (when available)
  • You can now create VidiGates charts. Choose ‘VidiGates’ when creating a new dashboard to try it out.
  • The “Digital Signage” pages now each have custom KPIs


  • New API points for alerts and monitoring messages are now available. The API documentation has been updated, and contains all needed information