Q3 2016 – Releases highlights


  • Updated VB sample
  • Added Support for the newer Sony chipset-based CSI camera on the Raspberry Pi


  • More VidiReports integration options (eg conditions based on glasses and mood)
  • Support for « widgets »: full-fledged HTML applications embedded in the main application



  • You can now use the same filter multiple time on a page. For example, you can now choose to display data from Monday to Wednesday and from Friday to Sunday.
  • We improved Gates charts to be used with multiple gates present by location


  • A new API is available for VidiCenter! It should be faster and easier to use than the old one. Check out the documentation here.
    The old API will still exist for some time, we encourage you to start using the new one as soon as possible. 
  • Filters by location should behave better when given invalid ids