Quividi celebrates its 170th customer

Quividi is celebrating its 170th end-customer now using its audience and traffic measurement solution. Over the last 4 years since it started selling its solution, Quividi has seen a growing interest from companies from 35 countries, who have trusted Quividi to measure over 2,500 locations. This makes it the leading supplier in the automated audience measurement category.

Quividi relies on a dense network of partners across the world, which have gained a rich experience with its solution and help deploy it and make the most of it. Manufacturers, integrators, media research companies and consultants appreciate the versatility of the solution which runs with most operating systems, PC hardware and types of cameras, as well as the rich supervision and datamining capabilities that it offers”.

“Our customers and partners have created more than 1,000 audience dashboards in our VidiCenter back-office and got us to store 1.2 billion viewing events in our datacenter on their behalf”, says Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s CEO. “This is a nice proof of how appreciated and robust our solution is.”

With an initial focus on audience measurement for digital signage, Quividi has convinced some of the largest digital signage operators to rely on its solution. From Amscreen in the UK and Europe, to PilotTV across Asia and Equidia throught France, large screen networks get regular reports on the audience performance of their media and use them to justify their advertising rates. “Viewer measurement is the focal point of all digital signage developers. Without providing reliable ROI information, we can’t convince advertisers and channel distributors to enter the digital signage industry”, says Mac Ma, PilotTV’s CEO. Others operators, in particular those who are not open to third party advertising, may just measure a few screens across their network to get some insight and improve their visual impact, and enjoy the Quividi’s depth of data and adapted licensing plans.

As it launched its VidiGates product in 2010, Quividi started selling more and more to consumer good manufacturers, interested in understanding shopper behavior in retail and mixing both viewer and traffic analytics. Brands such as Coca Cola, P&G, Imperial Tobacco and Citroën have used the solution across several countries and have their instore material and research suppliers now integrate video sensors and the Quividi solution in a range of projects.

“2012 is looking very promising”, continues Duizabo. “We’re now seeing our historical digital signage customers deploy the solution on a large number of screens and many new operators coming to it, now that audience metrics is becoming standardized for this new media. We’re also now witnessing a high interest from retailers and service companies such as banks which all look for more accountability metrics. And with the introduction of our new VidiCube product line and the update to our historical VidiReports software, we anticipate touching new markets and making our solution even more mainstream”.

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