Quividi launches its Certified Partner Program

July 9th 2014 – With more than 100 companies having resold or integrated its solution across the world, Quividi has started to build tighter links with those companies that are consistently investing energy and talent into the Quividi solution, offer high added value solutions to their customers and have a long term view of our joint collaboration.

Quividi’s intent is to funnel the vast majority of its business through its preferred partners and grow symbiotically with them.

The benefits for the Certified Partners are advanced training and certification of its engineers, dedicated resources and information, extended development suppport, joint promotion of Quividi based solutions and advantages specific to each program.

For end-customers, working with a Quividi Certified Partner will help get an optimal experience and better local support.

With this in mind, the Certified Partner Programs have been designed for:

1. Certified Resellers: companies who sell Quividi components along or as part of a tailored solution (e.g. system integrators). Partners benefit from Training/Certification, licenses for their internal, Pre/Post-sales, customer evaluation needs, and preferred reseller discounts.

2. Certified Developers: companies who develop software that implement Quividi’s API or SDK. Partners enjoy dedicated support from Quividi’s developer team and access to Quividi Developer licenses along with demo/evaluation licenses for their customers.

3. Certified OEMs: companies who embed Quividi features into a branded standard product (e.g. player and harware manufacturers, CMS publishers…). The program ensures an optimal integration  into partners product and offer larger volume-based discounts.

4. Certified Service Partners: this last program targets service companies (e.g. consultants or research companies) who provide services to brands and retailers. The program allows them to focus on their analytics/consulting core competencies by giving them a flexible access to technologies, equipment and common methodologies put in place with various technology partners.

These programs incur yearly partnership fees. For more information on the program benefits and fees, please email our partners team.

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