The Top 10 Reasons for putting the Quividi Solution on 100% of your Screens

Quividi has been winning many projects lately with digital signage operators deciding to deploy its solution onto all the screens of their network. Here is a summary of the reasons that motivate their choice:

  1. Because pervasive measurement lets you understand behaviors and trends, for fine-tuning your screen placement, your loop length and your commercial offers
  2. Because no two screens and no two weeks are alike
    The variations of weekly traffic and audience on a same screen across the year generally range from 100 to 180, whereas variations across the screens of a same network can range from 100 to 800 on a same week.
  3. Because offering full transparency and accountability is now expected in all digital media and will be opposed to those who don’t provide it.
  4. Because media planners and advertisers are absolutely waiting for this kind of detailed data to invest more in DOOH.
    Says Carolyn Nugent, head of Digital, Kinetic UK, regarding Amscreen: “”It’s revolutionary (…) because of the [study’s] sheer scale and size, and because it’s a permanent, rather than temporary, installation. It’s a positive initiative.”
  5. Because you could increase your CPM by up to 200%
    “Some media agencies are willing to pay up to three times more for an advertising segment that can target viewers with a high degree of specificity” Source: PilotTV (a Taiwanese operator having deployed the Quividi solution on its 3,500 screens).
  6. Because you’ll be able to offer new profitable business models, such as billing upon guaranteed audience, billing only for a particular demographics, charging premium for interactivity
  7. Because you’ll let advertisers better engage with customers, by reacting to their number, position, profile, mood, behavior…
    Several creative campaigns making use of Quividi for real time adaptation (such as the Look at Me which won the Gold Cannes Lion award), have won international awards and generated high brand awareness
  8. Because programmatic is the next big wave that will bring additional revenues – and will require real time measurement.
  9. Because the cost of deploying face-detection based audience measurement will only be a few percents of your global equipment and operating costs.
  10. Because Quividi will be helping you along the way, with advice, benchmark, best practices, introductions, etc.

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