250 boutiques from a leading cell phone operator deploy Quividi’s audience measurement solution

How many visitors are walking past a screen, taking a look to a message, taking a product in and finally purchasing it?

The integration of Quividi’s VidiReports software into Supertec’s smart in-store fixture, called iPresentoir®, has won over the largest cell phone operators in France, which will equip its 750 boutiques with this state-of-the-art in-store marketing solution.

Quividi and Supertec thus officialize a cooperation started in 2006, and whose aim is to integrate VidiReports live audience measurement solution within Supertec’s digital signage devices.

Supertec manufactures and sells efficient and innovative in-store communication tools, intended for goods and service retailers. Its two main products are iScreen®, a smart digital signage solution, and iPresentoir®, a smart instore fixture. The latter recently received the Silver POPAI 2008 Award in the Digital Media category.

Supertec stands apart from other traditional POP material companies thanks to the embedding of a patented RFID technology, which makes it possible to interact with customers by playing the content most adapted to what they are looking for. RFID tags are placed on each product on display and trigger the multimedia content relative to the product that the customer picks up; if two products are lifted simultaneously, the iPresentoir® will display a product comparison screen, which will act as a sales advertisor tool for the customer, in addition to the explanations from the sales staff, or as a staff replacement when store traffic is intense.

Concurrently, Quividi’s VidiReports software can analyze a live video feed provided by a simple webcam placed above the screen and deliver the key audience metrics of an instore communication tool: number of passers by, number of viewers and, for the latter, their attention time, their dwell time and their gender. No image is ever recorded and no uniquely identifiable data is ever computed.

SupertecWith the integration of VidiReports, iPrésentoir® and iScreen® become the very first merchandising tools in the world to provide retailers and brands with a complete overview of the efficiency of an in-store communication tool, with a measurement of each of the steps that lead to a sale:

  • Percentage of passers by who take a look to the screen;
  • Percentage of viewers who watch the screen for more than a given number of seconds;
  • Percentage of interested viewers who take the product in hand;
  • Percentage of engaged viewers who finally walk away with the product.

Besides, iPresentoir® and iScreen® can implement a one to one, dynamic communication mechanism that can adapt the content to the profile and activity of the viewers: messages can vary depending on the products taken in hand, but also on the distance and gender of the viewer.

« We are pleased to be working with Supertec on this major project, which testifies that audience measurement can become a standard component of a digital signage installation », says Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s CEO. « With iPresentoir®, VidiReports demonstrates how useful it can be in terms of audience measurement and content targeting ».

Supertec has already started selling its VidiReports-equipped iPresentoir® and iScreen® solution in a number of large european retailers and relies on Quividi as an innovation partner in its way forward.

Press information: Supertec

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