DOOH-tv Belgium selects Quividi for its Digital Signage Mall Network

Comprehensive audience data to initiate pay per view model

Paris, October 21st 2014 –Quividi announces that DOOH-tv, a digital signage network operating across 17 shopping malls in Belgium, is going to equip its network with the Quividi audience measurement solution.

DOOH-tv is the leading network within Belgian malls, with more than 100 digital screens and 40 way-finding kiosks. This summer, DOOH-tv tested the Quividi’s solution integrated with BroadSign’s content management system in a pilot program. With this solution, DOOH-tv was able to measure the footfall of the mall visitors, to compute its audience per screen, analyze the visitors’ true attention to its screens, estimate their demographics, and predict audience by time of and weekday.  Based on these early insights and feedbacks from its customers, DOOH-tv has decided to gradually deploy the solution across most of its screens.

Quividi is the global leader of audience measurement for the digital out of home market. Its solution is comprised of a lightweight video analytics module that analyzes the images from video sensors in real time, counting and qualifying the passers-bys’ faces and silhouettes. The solution also includes a cloud service that collects this anonymous data and consolidates it into insightful online audience reports. No image is ever saved nor seen by a human being in the process, and no data unique to an individual is ever collected.

“We’re glad to have teamed up with BroadSign and Quividi”, says Julien Staelen, DOOH-tv’s Managing Partner. “These best of breed solutions, that are tightly integrated, will enable us to move towards a pay per view model, where we’ll charge advertisers in accordance to the real number of audience they’ve reached. We’re also proposing our “Lab” to them, where they can test which of their visuals has the most visual impact, before deploying the winning one across our entire network”.

“We are very pleased to be assisting DOOH -tv in demonstrating the value of its screens”, says Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s CEO. “Through our integration with the BroadSign CMS solution, DOOH-tv will be able to deliver very convincing campaign audience reports to its advertisers and turn itself as a network that counts in Europe”.

About Quividi

Quividi provides a real-time video analytics solution that helps media owners, retailers and brands finely count and qualify their audiences. Using the latest face and body detection technique and running on standard hardware, the Quividi solution delivers exhaustive metrics on viewers, opportunities to see, attention time and demographics, in a completely anonymous fashion and without ever recording any image or personal data.  Based in Paris, France, Quividi pioneered the anonymous face detection category in 2006 and is the world leader in Digital Out Of Home audience measurement, with customers in over 46 countries and more than 3 billion faces analyzed. For more information about Quividi, visit or email (

About DOOH

DOOH-tv Belgium operates over 100 digital screens and 40 way-finding kiosks in Belgium, making it the leading network in shopping malls. DOOH-tv’s product offering includes digital signage, totems, and other interactive digital displays. For more information, please visit or contact Julien Staelen (

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