Médiamétrie experiments with Quividi a new measurement of impact and audience for TVs in retail and waiting places

Relying on its strong expertise in audiovisual and interactive medias audience measurement, Médiamétrie announces it is experimenting an impact and exposition measurement for the new Digital Signage media. Digital Signage consists of networks of TV sets installed within commercial and waiting areas, that display dedicated editorial content related to these places, but also services (such as weather, news, traffic) and advertising.

This new measurement arrives in the context of the strong growth of these medias, spurred by new digital technologies and the interest of advertisers for « in store media » and « wait marketing ».

Médiamétrie is working on a global measurement solution for valuating editorial content and advertising spaces, to be used by the various agents of this market: retailers, integrators (specialized in the installation and configuration of the screen networks), media sales houses, media agencies, brands…

The proposed solution combines two measurement systems into a complete offer:

  • « Screen Contact »: Screen Contact is a quantitative system for reporting in real time the observed exposition of shoppers to screens in shops and in waiting areas. It relies on an innovative technology developed by Quividi, with whom Médiamétrie experiments this measurement. Quividi’s solution measures the attention given to a media (TV screen, digital signage, POS material…); coupled with a small image sensor attached to the media, that software counts the number of people looking to the media, qualifies them by gender and computes their attention time. No image is recorded and the statistics are fully anonymous. This technology was selected by Médiamétrie’s scientific and engineering teams amongst several other passive screen exposition detection technologies.
  • « Screen Impact »: Screen Impact is a qualitative approach to collect the notoriety, image and impact generated by those screens, based on face-to-face interviews.

These experiments open new perspectives to establish an audience measurement system for these new communication media, in cooperation with the with the agents and trade associations which operate on this market.

About Médiamétrie

Médiamétrie is the French inter-professional company specialised in audiovisual and electronic media audience measurement and research. Its vocation is to deliver an audience and performance measurement of the audiovisual and electronic medias with a level of quality that makes it the unique, agreed-upon professional reference for all agents on the marketplace. Founded in 1985, Médiamétrie operates in France and worldwide on Television, Radio, Movie, Internet and New Medias. In 2006, Médiamétrie exceeded 43 million euros in turn over and employed a staff of 350. The company invests over 10% of its turn over i n R&D.

About Quividi

Quividi is a privately held company created in July 2006 in Paris, France. Quividi’s vision is to develop affordable and effective audience measurement solution for out-of-home media. Relying on proprietary image processing technology, Quividi offers outstanding software solutions that can be installed on a wide range of platforms and, most notably, on standard digital signage players. Quividi’s software accurately measures and qualifies the audience of any communication support; real-time data allow the medium to adapt its content to the instantaneous audience profile. Quividi actively collaborates with all the actors involved in retail marketing, from brands to screen network operators, from integrators to media agencies and research companies; the common goal is to turn point-of-sale and out-of-home marketing into the next “big media”.

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